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Info about me: OZ1JUX, OZ0SW and 5P1B and the CB call is 47JL44

My name is Kim I was born in Vejle in 1960. Now I live about 10 Km NW from Vejle in a village with the name Sandvad. 6,6 Km N from a old danish town Jelling where I live in 17 years. Before I move out here in my own house. I get my first Ham radio licens back in June 1983, my second licens I get in July 2004 and the third I get in Marz 2007. The callsign OZ1JUX I use for normal talk here in Denmark or when I drive around. The second OZ0SW I use for DX and the third 5P1B I use for CONTEST. I also the Chairman of our local Hamradio Club in Vejle OZ5VEJ a old radio club at 29 May 2007 the club have 60 years anniversary. Now I drive around in Mercedes Sprinter. I come a lot around from Bodö in Norway to Taranto in Italy also to Estonia, Latvia and Ireland I have only a radio with me for 2 meter and for 434 MHz. I also have a CB radio with me most of the time this is QRV on 27275 KHz or 27355 KHz in USB mode. Since 2010 I also be a granddad. I have 2 love grandsons.  Now also on DMR radio as OZ1JUX ID 2383151 or 5P1B ID 2383164 Also got QRV on C4FM/Fusion I most listen to this Rooms America-Link #21080, CQ-UK #27793 or CQ-Denmark #41488.. But you are also free to call me in my own room CQ-Vejle #44230

What I do

I have drive trucks around in Europe from 1995 to 2006, I have been in the most of EU before it get bigger only two placed in EU I not have been Irland and Portugal. But from July 2006 to Marts 2009 I only drive here in Denmark. But from then I was back on the road all over Europe in a Van. I have also sitting in the office for some years. First I was 3 years in DTP office, there I learn to setup newspapers and books, but also to a screen.

I beginning to use digimodes on the radio

BPSK/QPSK or other kinds of digimodes I also nember of EPC (The European Phase Shift Keyclub) my certificate you can see here just follow the link. Certificate and some of my Awards I have got Awards Now I also a member of the Croatian Digital Group CDG CDG membership Certificate And the 30MDG 30 meters digital group 30MDG Certificate I are members of this digigroups EPC, 30MDG, CDG; NDG and DMC. You can find me around the bands in JT65 or JT9 mode also BPSK, RTTY, or other Digimodes. Latest I also are QRV on WSPR mode prefer bands 60, 40 and 30 meters

Radio in my shack 2 x Yaesu FT1000MP, Yaesu FTdx3000D, 1 x Kenwood TS850S and 1 x Elcraft KX3 for HF. 1 x Kenwood TM-D700E + TM-D710Efor 2M and 70 Cm 1 x Braun SE400 for 2 meter SSB. Radio for DMR mode Hytera MD785G, PD785G and TYT MD380amd MD2017 For C4FM I have this 3 radio¨s Yaesu FTM-400DE, FTM-100DE run as node station with the HRI-200 and the HT FT2D

My digimode setup

Power........10-40 Watt power in WSPR mode 10 Watt
Antenne 1:...HW80HP made by M0CVO
Antenne 2:...3 band GP for 10, 15 and 20 meter from Fritzel
Computer.....HP Pavilion AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 220 Processor 2.80 GHz 64-bit opertivsystem Windows 10
Interface....Micro KEYER II
Software.....Hrd with DM780 Version

I upload photo's and videos to: My BLOG

If you want to be a HAM

Then you can contact your national amateur organisation.

If you search around you also find Headoffice of your own country...Hope that this infomation was useful.

My Bio

I was born in Vejle 17. November 1960. Then I move around with my parents 6 times, so as kid I was going in 3 different schools, After I was finish the school I was go to the military in 1977. In 1980 I getting interest in CB radios, but after I was out an sailing in 1982 the interest was going to shortwave listning, at the home I have a Grundig Satelit 2000 radio. One evening I have turn on the radio I hear some people talking, the day after I go to the local libary to borrow some books. Later in 1982 the CB club where I was member, they have plan a class to learn the stuff. I May 1983 I go to the exam and consisted. And in June 1983 the letter with my licens came. Now I also can call me granddad. In the evenning on the 27. August 2010 my oldest daugther born a son




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