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Email formular

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If you want to be a HAM

Then you can contact your national amateur organisation.

If you search around you also find Headoffice of your own country...Hope that this infomation was useful.

My Bio

I was born in Vejle 17. November 1960. Then I move around with my parents 6 times, so as kid I was going in 3 different schools, After I was finish the school I was go to the military in 1977. In 1980 I getting interest in CB radios, but after I was out an sailing in 1982 the interest was going to shortwave listning, at the home I have a Grundig Satelit 2000 radio. One evening I have turn on the radio I hear some people talking, the day after I go to the local libary to borrow some books. Later in 1982 the CB club where I was member, they have plan a class to learn the stuff. I May 1983 I go to the exam and consisted. And in June 1983 the letter with my licens came.




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